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June 24, 2015 -

Atlas on the web: BNP Paribas worldwide expertise on cash management and trade finance

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BNP Paribas Atlas: The digital journey continues

Many treasurers and cash managers now rely on the BNP Paribas Atlas for timely and comprehensive information on global cash and treasury management practices and regulations. Until recently, however, access to the BNP Paribas Atlas has been limited to iPad users. This has changed! The full content of the app is now available online at under the Knowledge section.

The Atlas offers convenient, in-depth and comprehensive data on cash management and trade finance practices and regulations across 60 countries. Each country page provides economic summaries together with insights on authorised cash management techniques, payment and collection instruments and systems, international trade and trade finance requirements and tax, regulatory and market environment data. In addition, the Atlas contains a glossary of cash management and trade finance terms.

The extended version of Atlas has been designed for corporate treasury and cash management professionals and can be accessed free of charge through an activation code obtainable from BNP Paribas Cash Management and Trade Finance Relationship Managers.

The Atlas can also be downloaded on an iPad via the App Store.