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April 26, 2022 -

Alert – fraudulent emails impersonating BNP Paribas

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We have been made aware of recent attempts by unauthorised third parties to impersonate BNP Paribas by using similar-looking domain names for fraudulent purposes, such as requesting funds bank transfer.

BNP Paribas wishes to caution its clients and the general public to be alert to fake emails falsely purporting to be sent from BNP Paribas email accounts. Please beware of email domains with punctuation or spelling errors, such as:

  • @asia–

We urge you to cross-check any suspicious email against the correct domains, which would all follow the format, or including (for Asia).

We would like to remind everyone to be vigilant against impersonation attempts.  Suspicious emails can often be identified by poor spelling, a sense of urgency, incorrect grammar and inconsistent information. If in doubt, please do not reply, do not click on any links or open any attachments. We remind all clients to please exercise caution before making any transfer of funds and always call your BNP Paribas representative to validate such actions on his/her usual business contact number known to you.

If you have made any fund transfers or disclosed personal information to a suspicious party, or have been engaged by a suspicious email requesting transfer of funds or disclosure of information, you should contact the Hong Kong Police Force or BNP Paribas at +852 2909 8888.