Cookies Notice

The BNP Paribas Group is committed to delivering the best possible service to you while maintaining the confidence that you place in us. In this context, we have adopted strong principles to ensure the protection of your data.

As such, we would like to provide you with transparent information about how we place, use and store cookies on your device when you use this website and the options to manage and delete cookies.

1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text, image or software files that may be placed and/or read on your computing device when you access our websites or applications. Cookies perform a number of useful functions including: enabling a user to be recognized; improving a website’s security and the user experience.

Cookies may be either: (i) session specific, meaning that they are deleted from your device once the session and browser are closed; or (ii) persistent, meaning that they will remain on your device until they are removed.

2. What type of cookies do we use?

This website may use any of the following groups of cookies:

  • Process – Process cookies help make a website function and deliver the services that the website visitor expects to receive, for example navigation and access to secure areas. These cookies are necessary and without them the website will not function properly.
  • Preference – Preference cookies allow a website to remember a user’s preferences in relation to the website such as language, font size, currency and region. These cookies enhance a user’s experience.
  • Security – Security cookies are used, for example, to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of login credentials or protect user data from unauthorised access. These cookies are vital to several of BNP Paribas’ secure websites.
  • Analytics – Analytics cookies collect information about how a user interacts with a website. This information may include: the number of users visiting the website, the pages a user visits, the activity of the user on the website and how often the user returns. Some of the information we collect is anonymous statistical data, and some is information about your activities as an individual user. We monitor and track your activities in this way for a variety of purposes, including to provide a better experience for you and improve our websites and application or in compliance with our regulatory and legal obligations. 

This website uses Matomo analytics cookies which is strictly necessary. However, you can disable this cookie by clicking below.

3. What kind of information can be stored in a cookie?

The information stored by cookies placed on your device may relate to the following elements, within the limits of their retention period:

  • The BNP Paribas Group web pages you have visited using this device.
  • The advertisements you clicked on (if any).
  • The type of browser you are using.
  • Your IP address.
  • Any other information you have provided on our website or application.

If you enable “remember username” on your browser settings, your login credentials may be stored on your browser even after you have terminated a session on our websites.

Cookies may contain personal data. For more information on how BNP Paribas collects and uses your personal data, please see our data protection notice, linked at the footer of our homepage. 

4. Your cookie settings

You may block cookies using the settings in your internet browsing software or device settings.  If you decide to block cookies, you may find that you experience interruption or delays to your browsing experience. This may mean you are unable to use or access certain areas of a website.

Note that this Cookie Notice may be updated from time to time.